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Product Specifications

ProMaster  SystemPRO Advanced 2 Light Studio Lighting Kit #9177  

Main specs

Type:  Studio Lighting Kit


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ProMaster-SystemPRO Advanced 2 Light Studio Lighting Kit #9177-Studio / Location Lighting

General specifications


Studio Lighting Kit

Background Properties


Not Available


Not Available

Stand properties


Not Available

Collapsed Height

Not Available


Not Available

Reflector/Diffuser properties


Not Available


Not Available

Light properties

Type of Light

Studio Strobe

Modeling Light

not specified

Modeling Light/Flash tube Number

not specified

Guide Number

not specified

Flash Triggering

not specified

Recycling Time

Not Available

Fuse Rating

Not Available

Temperature Control

not specified

Reflector Mount

not specified

Kit properties


300ws flash heads (x2) with built in slave, modeling lamp, variable power, audible ready signal and replaceable flash tube
, Deluxe Light Stands(x2)
, Silver umbrella (x1)
, Two deluxe carrying bags: one for the heads and one for the stands
, White umbrella (x1)

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