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OpTech  Rainsleeve Flash 14" - Pack of 2 #9001142  

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Brand:  OpTech

Type of Accessory:  Rain Sleeve


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OpTech-Rainsleeve Flash 14" - Pack of 2 #9001142-Miscellaneous Camera Accessories


Type of Accessory

Rain Sleeve


The RAINSLEEVE– FLASH offers the same great features as the original RAINSLEEVE yet can accommodate a camera shoe-mounted flash. It effectively shields a camera, lens and flash unit from the elements and fits easily in the pocket or camera bag. It also features a unique eyepiece opening that adapts to most camera viewfinders, allowing composition of shots through the camera's lens, not through the plastic. All camera, lens and flash controls are easily seen and operated through the RAINSLEEVE– FLASH. The drawstring enclosure will fit any lens up to seven inches (17,8 cm) in diameter and up to 14 inches ( 35,6 cm) long.


Any lens up to 7`` (17.8cm) in diameter and 14`` (35.6cm) long




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